Illuminating insights on Education, Employment and the Economy

Who we are

Sagacity Research is a specialist provider of labour market and econometric research and services to the public and private sector. We are an independent, fully autonomous organisation, with an established reputation for delivering high quality outputs and actionable insights based upon in-depth analysis of existing data sources and the delivery of bespoke surveys.

To meet our client needs we draw upon a select pool of highly experienced associates – each with at least 15 or more years working in their specialist field and at the highest level, working with senior leaders within the public, private and consulting sectors.

Sagacity Research operates as a Market Research Society Partner and is recognised as a ‘research entity’ by the European Commission and Eurostat.

What we do


We design, deliver, analyse and report on the findings from bespoke studies - collecting qualitative and quantitative data by way of focus groups, executive interviews and on-line/ telephone surveys.


We are experts at identifying, securing, analysing and extracting insights from existing data sources - notably those held by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Eurostat.

& planning

We are experts at using research to develop evidence-based strategies, policies and plans that are logical, achievable, manageable and measurable.

& standards

We work with clients, industry groups, education/training providers and end users to develop relevant, up-to-date standards and qualifications.

‘Sagacity’ – n. discerning, sound in judgment, and farsighted; wisdom’

For more information:

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