The ethnic pay gap – is it really that big? – well…sometimes yes sometimes no

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According to ONS, earnings during the 2013-16 period at least were sometimes higher amongst BAME workers (2014 & 2015) and at other times those from white ethnic groups – (2013 & 16) whilst our own analysis of data from the ONS Labour Force Survey shows that in 2017 there was actually no difference overall in the median reported earnings of BAME/white workers (deep breath – i.e. that were full-time, permanent, employees, and aged 16-64) – both groups associated with median hourly figures of £12.50 per hour over the course of the year. That said, things get a lot more unbalanced when considering specific occupations and amongst Science, engineering and production technicians for example, BAME employees were found to be earning 21% less than their white counterparts during 2017.