Gender initiatives and tech study – are they working?

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I am not going to make a call on that one but whilst the latest applications data from UCAS (released today) show some improvement over the past five years in the proportion of applicants (UK domiciled) for Computer Science courses that were female, the gender balance is still below the peak (from data available) experienced in 2010. Moreover, the chart below is just to illustrate the relative change (i.e. indexed) over the past ‘decade’ for Computer Science and other subject areas with worsening gender balance – when looking at the actual percentages involved we see that for Computer Science at least, there has been very little ‘real’ change over the past 10 years – females accounting for 14% of CS applicants in 2010 dropping to 12% in 2014 then rising to 13% by 2019. So are related interventions really working or do we need to take a different approach?