What will hospitality businesses and hotels/accommodation firms in particular do when BREXIT arrives?

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Latest stats (Q4.17) show that 20% of the hotels/accommodation industry workforce are EU nationals – that is 69,000 people out of 345,000 in total. Moreover, there are 12,000 other individuals from outside the UK (nationality) working in the industry illustrating just how reliant it is upon overseas labour and skills. Perhaps surprisingly, the other key component of the ‘hospitality’ sector – restaurant/catering, though a large employer of overseas nationals, is less dependent on EU workers in particular –  at the end of 2017, whilst 20% of the restaurant/catering workforce was found to be of overseas nationality only 14% were EU nationals.  The reliance on EU nationals in restaurants/catering firms is still much higher than within UK industries as a whole however, amongst which 8% of the workforce were found to be EU nationals at the end of 2017.